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Betty. twenty. august27. single. canada. undergrad. volleyball & track. likes baking. scrapbooking. webdesigning. reading. water. file folders. hates spiders. blinding lights. mosquitos. orange soda. super loud music. is jumpy. self-conscious. paranoid. careful. at times, carefree. easily excited.





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Made it with jasc paint shop pro. very little effort needed. just wanted a change of eyes. liked how it turned out. a hard decision between another one. called the City of Lights, based on Paris.

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2009 Archives

Enjoy yourself as these are my feelings from the past. Warning, it may be cheesy, dinky, weird but alas you have made it this far. If you have not been beguiled by my recent posts, please do not expect these to be any different.

aftermath of christmas.

December 29, 2009
Almost the end of the year.. which means stressful times, getting things ready, new years resolutions, etc. etc. I'm having stressful times myself. I guess you can say for today, my boyfriend and I had our own little rollercoaster. I don't know what's in that winter air but I think I prefer it better before Christmas got here. Had work today, not too long but long enough for debate and argument. I wish I had a stress reliever. Maybe one of those squishy earth ball would be fun. Just KIDDING!

GOOD NEWS!!! I have over 2 gigabytes of music now. I know.. I know, that isn't much for you. However, for a person like me, who has never had this much music on their computer, its a little breath-taking. The CD's have been adding a lot of songs. Jumping from the subject of music into Christmas, I had a FANTASTIC Christmas. I received more presents than I have ever imagined. I now have white socks to last me a year. Doubtful, I think my dryer is missing eating new socks. I also received a baking set from Octavio, which is fantastic, it's practically what I needed. Reason : I recently got into baking. Also, scrapbooking supplies, which is also another hobby I am interested in. I also got some clothes that fit perfectly, which I am happy about. Need some skinny jeans though, I didn't receive any gifts containing that specific item. Dinner was amazing, had goose for the first time. I"m also excited for new years. I have something coming up involving being a Jess's house.

School is coming up and I haven't ordered my books yet. Gotta get on that. Anyways, still awake at 1 am in the morning but doing some important research.

crucial moments and friends

December 16, 2009
I'm there for friends, even if they aren't there for me. I believe that friends keep you alive and sane, that is something I need in my life. Sometimes, a little help here can mean a lot later on. Why am I on this subject you ask? It is because I am helping a friend out in physics. I wish I could help Jess out in her other subjects, but alas, I was not there. Jess, I promise to make it up to you.

I opened a bank account today, in Bank of America. It will be awesome when I get my debit card in the mail. It'll have a panda on it; I decided to support the World Wildlife Fund. Also, I finally have cheques to write on. I'm quite excited, more excited about the panda. LOL. I also looked at phone prices today, without a service contract and they are SUPER DUPER expensive. The reason why I was looking at phones was because I washed my cell through the washer and put it into a bowl of rice. I have to say that it works. I was worried that it wasn't going to work but amazingly, it did. So MY phone without a service contract was 254 dollars. WHAT?!?! ARE THEY CRAZY!?!? Anyways, you can tell how glad I am to have my phone working again.

So, I'm not going Christmas shopping tomorrow but I am going Thursday which will give me more prep time to write a list of what to get for people. Also, I shall be perfecting the recipe for doughnut muffins on Wednesday which is today, but later on, considering it is 2:03 am right now. I shall also call up the city's volunteering center to see if I can attend an orientation. I will also need to call up some places to inquire of their prices on laminating a certificate. LOL. FUN FUN day tomorrow, but I'M READY!

yay.a new update.

December 14, 2009
Yes, it is the same day. I worked on my website late this morning. What irony. I was just too excited to work on this blog again. I still love this blog. I'm at Octavio's house right now and he is making french onion soup. YUM! Sounds absolutely fantastic. Just putting up another update but I shall go on more about school that has ended.

So I finished up my first quarter in college and to tell you the truth, comm. college is easier than I thought it was, however, now I am aiming for harder classes. I just got one today which has made me super duper happy. I got into Calculus 2 which is something I was aiming for. ( Maybe I'll be able to do something like that for english. ) As you can tell I am an over-achiever. Well, to tell you the truth, I have motivation now. Something I didn't have throughtout high school. My family doesn't support me at all, throughout college and high school. I guess they're not happy at the fact that I'm going to school. I think my mother would rather me work than go to school. I am at the mercy at octavio's parents and there is my motivation. I want to make their money's worth of schooling. Therefore, I am trying to be the best I can be now.

Now that it is christmas break, I shall go shopping this Wednesday and bake doughnut muffins on Thursday. I'm trying to get things done when I am not busy. I don't have a job but I'm looking and trying. A whole other story behind this in which I shall explain next time.

PS: Since I am so restless and cannot sleep, I have decided to redo my fanlistings page, which I have been meaning to get to and now is the perfect time. =)

a whole year, gone. a new beginning.

December 14, 2009
Well, its has been a whole year. Well, almost, since the last time I updated. I have a reason but it's not a good reason. Here it is: I didn't have a FTP program. The one I have been using for years quit on me. However, there is still no reason why I couldn't update. So now, here I am, ready to update some more. How do you like the layout? Personally, I thought I could do more. I call it the City of Lights, based on Paris.

Now that I have a new FTP program, expect some more updating. Although I'll probably just post another one in December and call it good for the year. Maybe, I'll start an archive. That was my goal for last year too but it didn't work out so well. My fall quarter at my college just ended therefore, giving me the time to update and upload new layouts. I'm aiming for a 4.0 GPA. I'm just hoping I get it because it would open a lot of doors for me. Preferably the honors program and some clubs with a 3.5 minimum GPA. Now, I'm hoping to sell back my books and buy other ones.

Today will be a short one. Only to say that I'm not dead but alive. Will be working on another layout, hopefully it'll be Nausicaa. My favorite layout is still Number 10, Final Fantasy 9, Zidane one. Maybe I'll do something like that. OH! I added some more color to my links and borders. Tired of the old black, white, one color links and font. Hope you like it. Trying to be more bold. Anyways, it is late and I will update again soon.

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