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Betty. twenty. august27. single. canada. undergrad. volleyball & track. likes baking. scrapbooking. webdesigning. reading. water. file folders. hates spiders. blinding lights. mosquitos. orange soda. super loud music. is jumpy. self-conscious. paranoid. careful. at times, carefree. easily excited.





jan. 01 ; new year (2010)
feb. 14 ; valentines day
apr. 07 ; hobbes' birthday
aug. 27 ; my birthday
oct. 18 ; bestie's birthday
oct. 31 ; halloween
nov. 28 ; werdna's birthday
dec. 25 ; christmas


current layout
Made it with jasc paint shop pro. very little effort needed. just wanted a change of eyes. liked how it turned out. a hard decision between another one. called the City of Lights, based on Paris.

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Christine, my lovely hostess, who has put up with me for about 5-6 years now. She's really nice and is a super duper webdesigner. =)

This is my online/offline friend, Catherine. She's the reason I actually work on my site. We've been through a lot and I kinda hope she never moves again.

People who have my gratitude:
Evy ; Jennifer ; Catherine ; Christine ; Sara ; Julie

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